Website carbon offset

Reduce the environmental impact of your website and we’ll help you make your website carbon positive


We’ll measure the carbon impact of your UK based website using our bespoke tool which uses the most up to date energy generation statistics in the country. Then offset your websites CO2 impact to make sure it’s carbon positive!

For many websites it’s a small investment but one that can make a big difference. Internet use accounts for almost 4% of global carbon emissions - roughly the same as the aviation industry and it’s predicted to double in the next four years!

How it works

Your website has an impact on the environment, every time someone loads a page of your site there’s an energy demand. On the device they use to view the site, in the data centres with your site server and on routers and wifi to get your site back to the person viewing it. All that stuff uses electricity and unfortunately right now electricity generation in the UK still uses fossil fuels and produces CO2.

The good news is we can help you take action and make your website even better than net zero. We’ve developed what we believe is the UK’s most accurate way of measuring a websites carbon intensity. With that we measure how much carbon from electricity generation visits to different pages on your website are produced.

You can share your good work with your customers too

  • Carbon Positive Website badge for your website
  • Offset impact report
  • Stats and graphics for you social channels

What happens when you offset your website carbon

We measure how how much data your website has transferred across the internet

Then we calculate the carbon output of it’s actual use with our bespoke tool*

*using UK energy generation figures updated monthly

With that we offset the amount of carbon your site has contributed plus a little bit extra to make sure you're making an even more positive impact

Then of course we share the details with you: how much CO2 you’ve offset and what the impact of that is in real terms. Plus the projects you're carbon offset efforts have contributed to.

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